13 April 2011

typical nebraska

Weather reports have been bipolar this week, causing wedding coordinators and brides to get rather nervous about making women, children, and the elderly sit outside in a barn during a potential wind/rain/snowstorm.  we weren't so concerned about the men.  honestly, they'd be fine.

The Lied lodge has graciously provided the Steinhart Lodge as a refuge after the ceremony, which will still take place at the Historic Barns (#4 on the map below) at 4:00pm.  You can drive or walk or skip over to the Steinhart Lodge (#12 on the map below) for dinner, libations, dancing, photo-taking, and fun-having at 5:30pm.  It's not too far of a walk, and actually a pleasant scenic stroll through the woods.

click on the map to get a better view

Park anywhere you like on the road by the barns.  There will be signs and kind gentlemen to guide you along the way.  If you get confused, the main desk at the Lied Lodge will help you.  they're super nice!

Excited yet?!?