28 January 2011

get excited!

well, radvent sort of fizzed out.  i was diligent in posting for about 3 days.  don't judge me, i'm like, busy and stuff.

As it turns out, there's going to be a wedding in 78 days! can you believe it? you will be receiving (or already received and immediately logged on to the almost-famous teamalbin.com) a real invitation, courtesy of ello there, my super awesome sister, and the USPS.  thanks, ladies!

so, this is where you can get all sorts of wedding-related info, including but not limited to:

+ maps & directions
+ accomodation information
+ fun stuff to do in Nebraska City (besides barn parties)
+ contact info
+ amateur photographs of stuff we like

just use the tabs above to find what you need.  if you have additional questions you can email me at karin.ashley@gmail.com.

we are so jazzed to see each and every one of you on April 16th! 

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