11 December 2010

Radvent Journal: Rocking out!

no, we're not twins but i'm very flattered that you asked.

Write down the soundtrack of your year so far. Play it for someone who loves you.

TeamAlbinJam 2K10

1. Five Years time

stinking blogger won't let me embed the video :( 

2. Darlin' do not fear

3: Skinny Love

that's me.

4. The cave

we went to this show in dallas and it was so so so awesome

5.  Jackson

we listen to johnny cash on road trips.  especially road trips to arkansas.

6.  Where in the heck is matt?

this video makes me so happy!

7. Pretty girl from san diego

lame "video," awesome song.

Radvent Journal: Writing

ok, this is way late, and backwards.  but, i've never been on time for anything, beginning with my birth.  that's another story for later.  today i'm catching up on my radvent journals from over a week ago.  why yes, i will be late to my funeral.

j was here last week when i should have been writing this, and i was too busy entertaining him.  you have to keep him busy otherwise he'll fall asleep.  writing has been a huge part of our friendship over the years.  i'd say it has been our main form of communication, once he found out my phone was incapable of text messaging.  he was texting the air for months.  brace yourself - this is the first email i ever received from my future husband.  i found it deep in the depths of my gmail archives:




then i told him i didn't like capital letters because they feel like yelling.  then i said, that's the man i'm going to marry.  i'm sure of it.

the assignment was to make a special place for all of your writing materials, and have everything at the ready to share your words with the world.  get ready, because now i have all of your addresses and i'm not afraid to use them.  mwa ha ha.

i picked this book up at a shop in portland, and i highly recommend it.  i've actually used it, and it looks pretty on my bookshelf.

the other assignment:

Write a letter of love to yourself to read in one year.

I've never written a love letter to myself, or anybody else for that matter.  this will be fun.

dear married k,

what? you live in dallas?  you got married? well, nobody saw that coming.  i'm glad you married j.  i think that was a smart move.  i hope you love him more today than you did yesterday, that's been happening for quite some time now.  you are learning so much about yourself, and about your new husband.  some of it is good, and some of it is really scary.  but, you get to go through it together, and that makes it so much better. 

i know it was a busy year - leaving a good job, finding a new one, getting married (obvs), moving to texas, leaving omaha, packing boxes, unpacking boxes, making new friends, missing your family and omaha friends, having visitors like, every month ;) (that means YOU!), making a home, and being hopelessly devoted to your new family.  i know you can do it.

tell j you still love him, even though he hasn't stopped watching football.  that'll be all for now. 

y2k10 k

07 December 2010

Forgiveness: Radvent Journal

this is the, "really?!?" face.  we're both pretty good at it

Colossians 3:12-14 12Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, 13 bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. 14 And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 

we've been learning a lot about forgiveness.  it looks to be foundational in marriage and i believe we'll spend at least some of our time (a) bugging the crap out of each other and (b) forgiving/forbearing with one another.  j and i get along very well now, but we are also 700 miles apart.  i imagine j will have to forgive me for everyday things, like never bringing travel mugs back into the house until there are none left, scheduling events during important football games, and being chronically late, to bigger life things, like being oblivious to his pursuits for nearly three years.  whoops.  I'll have to continue to forgive him as well, not because either of us deserve it, but because we have been Forgiven.  John Piper talks about forgiveness in marriage, which was very helpful, and follows it up with encouragement that over time we may not annoy each other so much ;)

here's looking forward to seeing that what-in-the-world-were-you-thinking face, shortly followed by the it's-actually-fine-and-i-still-like-you face that i love so much.


02 December 2010

Organizing: Radvent Journal

i'd like you to think that this is something in my house.  i'd like to think that i ordered swatches and placed them neatly in my organized wedding planning bookshelf.  my "wedding planning" materials are actually in a pile inside my closet on the floor.  why? because they used to be in my purse, stuffed in my planner, lost, in the back seat of my car, in a pencil drawer at UNMC's college of nursing, aaaand i spilled coffee on them. 

that's why.

thank the Lord for sisters, both biological and soon-to-be-legal ones, because they know how these things work.  they tell me what to do, when to do it, when i'm being ridiculous, and when i just need to make a freaking decision.  it's nice.  the lovely and talented jenny mick (most awesomest lady of honor) has displayed a helpful balance of , hey maybe you guys should kinda start thinking sorta about suchandsuch, and, seriously, there are only 5 months left so figure it out.  she's going to help me organize this party over Christmas break.  there will be lists, drawings, more lists, phone calls, delegation, lists, etcetera blah blah blah.  word has it that wedding planning books exist for this purpose.  but for now, i'd settle for a nice pile.  like, off the floor. so, thats what i did and i'm much happier! everything is in one place and soon, it will be super ultra organized!

btw, the first picture is actually of swatches at Textiles in omaha where i ordered my dress fabric. because FOR REAL, my momma is making my dress.  lets hear it for momma ashley!


01 December 2010

Remembering: Radvent Journal


Because it sounds fun, and because Megan said so, i'm joining a new advent tradition of reflecting on the experiences of the past year, and looking forward to the plans and goals of the year to come.  it's a journaling/blogging project, and because i'm a middle child and feel like i need to entertain you, you're welcome to follow along!  Check out Megan's website for the inspiration and direction :)  ours will be a bit different than most, because it's all j/k/wedding/marriage related.  how nice!

we don't date back five years ago, so i'll start from the beginning of us.  the picture above is believed to be the first ever documented interaction between j and k.  i'm the one in green scrubs with a backpack (nurse purse).  j is standing directly to my left, completely oblivious to the fact that his future wife is a mere three steps away.  hi, my name is karin, and someday soon i'm going to love you forever.  nice to meet you.  please pass the ibuprofeno, this mexicano has dolor de cuerpo.  we were somewhere near Tlanchinol, Mexico on a medical mission trip.  but, that wasn't the first time we met.  i went over to j's house to watch a football game with friends, but only because i was being a wing-woman for my super awesome friend andrea.  it was magical.  there was j, clad in shorts and slippers, offering enthusiastic commentary for the game and eating ALL of our cheez-it party mix.  i don't know if he remembers that.  it was november of 2006, my last year of nursing school, and his second year of medical school. it wasn't until i graduated the following May that we actually had a conversation.  i won't tell you what it was about.  you had to be there.

i don't remember everything leading up to our inevitable engagement, but there are a few things that have stuck in my mind: volunteering him to paint my kitchen cabinets - bustin moves at my sister's wedding - chatting online (figures) - sorting pills together in mexico - making fun of his fanny pack "doctor bag" - calling him whenever i had a mental breakdown - talking about africa - sunday night dinners - coffee dates - being so excited when he came back to town - the bee costume of '08 - a surprising number of egg jokes - and, remembering how nervous i was to tell him that i was ready to be a big girl and start a long distance relationship.  i believe i was quivering. 

through it all, i remember always being friends.  i can't remember a time when j was anything but kind, helpful, and sincere.  the past four years with j have yielded in me a sense of security and trust in our current relationship, and a hope that this feeling will continue to grow. 

there are times when i wish things had worked out long ago when we met.  i wonder about what our lives would look like right now.  maybe we'd already be married, living in Texas with baby j/k and our dog that i would have reluctantly agreed to adopting, working on my master's degree online or something.  on the flip side, maybe i would have scared him away for good ;).   but, here we are. for a reason.  experiencing something neither of us saw actually happening, and loving every minute of it. 

looking forward, i'm super exited to think of the new traditions we'll start, and what we'll be doing to get ready for Christmas next year.  i hope we'll be sipping warm glass mugs of mulled cider through cinnamon sticks in front of a crackling fire, but the more likely scenario involves j cutting up someone's guts while k spends too much time searching for the perfect fonts for the TeamAlbin Christmas card.  get excited for that!