02 December 2010

Organizing: Radvent Journal

i'd like you to think that this is something in my house.  i'd like to think that i ordered swatches and placed them neatly in my organized wedding planning bookshelf.  my "wedding planning" materials are actually in a pile inside my closet on the floor.  why? because they used to be in my purse, stuffed in my planner, lost, in the back seat of my car, in a pencil drawer at UNMC's college of nursing, aaaand i spilled coffee on them. 

that's why.

thank the Lord for sisters, both biological and soon-to-be-legal ones, because they know how these things work.  they tell me what to do, when to do it, when i'm being ridiculous, and when i just need to make a freaking decision.  it's nice.  the lovely and talented jenny mick (most awesomest lady of honor) has displayed a helpful balance of , hey maybe you guys should kinda start thinking sorta about suchandsuch, and, seriously, there are only 5 months left so figure it out.  she's going to help me organize this party over Christmas break.  there will be lists, drawings, more lists, phone calls, delegation, lists, etcetera blah blah blah.  word has it that wedding planning books exist for this purpose.  but for now, i'd settle for a nice pile.  like, off the floor. so, thats what i did and i'm much happier! everything is in one place and soon, it will be super ultra organized!

btw, the first picture is actually of swatches at Textiles in omaha where i ordered my dress fabric. because FOR REAL, my momma is making my dress.  lets hear it for momma ashley!


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